Snowdrops 50 Bulbs


Everyone loves Snowdrops!

The sight of Snowdrops peeping through the snowy and frosty ground is a joy and lets us all know that Winter will soon be just a distant memory. Plant these beauties in your borders and beds, and perhaps even in the lawn. When they start to pop their lovely heads up in the new year, you can enjoy their simple beauty and the welcome assurance that the brighter days of spring are on their way.

Colour White
Height 7 - 12cm
Spread 6 - 10cm
Flowering February to March
Planting Position Full Sun to Partial Shade
Sold As Bulbs Tubers and Corms
Despatch Period October to November

Our bulbs, tubers and corms, have been specially selected to provide beautiful displays for your garden.  Flowering Plant Bulbs will come up year after year and will give years of delight.

They are ready for immediate planting, store in a cool frost free location if they cannot be planted immediately.

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